Truly Deeply Creates a brand for Social Impact Enterprise; Change Coffee.

Change coffee packaging

A branding project to change the world.

Every so often we come across a project that seems like our destiny to work on. It’s not every day that we get to create a brand with the potential to have a significant and enduring impact on the world, so when we do the sense of responsibility to get it right is enormous.

Earlier this year we sat down with the a team tasked to launch World Vision’s first social enterprise. They were¬† a uniquely and particularly well skilled team with a wealth of experience that weaved perfectly with our hospitality, coffee and brand experience. Most importantly though, we shared a view of the world where businesses and their owners could create communities for good and in so-doing create more profitable and sustainable businesses.

As we worked together over several months to define and create the business model, brand strategy, brand architecture, brand name, messaging, brand identity and packaging  for Change Coffee we realised the great potential at each stage. The result is a legacy project that we are all extremely proud to share.

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