Archivio Graphica Italiana – A tribute to Italian Graphic Design.

Napoli poster, Italian design

Today’s post is unashamedly for our brand design obsessed readers. Apologies to those who don’t suffer this affliction, but for those who do – enjoy!

Archivio Graphica Italiana is an online archive dedicated to the Italian graphic design heritage. This work of passion covers ‘the greatest classics to the more recent projects, showing the evolution of the discipline from graphic art to visual communication. The archive promotes the ‘culture of quality’ that distinguishes the Italian design tradition by giving the possibility to explore the fundamental aesthetic and cultural contribution brought by Italian graphics all over the world. Archivio Grafica Italiana is a project by Nicola-Matteo Munari.’

There are hundreds of pieces of design captured on the site. Here are some of my faves.

Knoll branding

Title; Knoll
Designer; Massimo Vignelli
Firm; Unimark International
Year; 1966
Client; Knoll

Agip branding

Title; Agip
Designer; Salvatore Gregorietti
Firm; Unimark International
Year; 1971
Client; AGIP Petroli S.p.A.


Oliofiat branding Oliofiat branding

Title; Olio Fiat
Designer; Unknown
Firm; Ufficio Pubblicità Fiat
Year; 1937
Client; Fiat


Leterra22 packaging design

Title; Lettera 22
Designers; Daniele De Batté, Davide Sossi
Firm; Artiva Design
Year; 2010
Client; plug_in


Moreschi branding

Title; Moreschi
Designer; AG Fronzoni
Year; 1964
Client; Moreschi S.p.A.


Pirelli poster design

Title; Pirelli Cinturato
Designer; Alan Fletcher
Firm; Centro
Year; 1963
Client; Pirelli


Lezioni book design Lezeoni book design

Title; Lezioni di paesaggio
Designers; Daniele De Batté, Davide Sossi
Firm; Artiva Design
Year; 2008
Client; plug_in

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You can visit the Archivio Grafica here.

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