Type Design Trends for 2020

type trends 2020

The future of fonts.

As we count down to the end of the year and start getting our heads around 2020, my mind begins to wander to what design trends will impact the way brands present themselves in the decade ahead.

We wrote recently about Pantone’s Colours of 2020. Just as colour is one of the most important assets of brand identity, so-too is typography. A unique a well crafted type asset both differentiates and reinforces brand positioning and personality. A reminder that as the world for brands moves ever-more quickly, taking time to consider and craft unique visual language is a sage investment.

The crew at Calyposo Design have put together this list of where they see the major trends in type design:
1. Animography⁣
⁣2. Variable Fonts – Marvin visions⁣
⁣3. Loud & Bold – Via Van Holtz Co.⁣
⁣4. Outline Fonts – Via Viita Titan.⁣
⁣5. 3D Type -Via Tennent Brown⁣
⁣6. Color Fonts – Gilbert Font⁣
⁣7. High Contrast Serif – Aviva⁣
⁣8. Image + Type – Humaan⁣


Dave Ansett
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