Visual Design to Combat Covid

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Self Isolate by Adam Niklewicz

The power of design to lift the human spirit.

In response to the United Nations’ call for creativity, the world’s designers have pitched-in to create a wave of inspiring and beautiful imagery to lift the soul. We love that design gets to play such a positive role in lightening the load a little as we face the fear and uncertainty together as a global community.

With over 16,000 creatives getting involved. Here are some of our faves:

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Our Hands by Jeremy Collins

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Stay Home Save Lives by Celia Calle

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Stay Home Save the World Today by Emanuela Carratoni

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Stay Home by Sanja Planinic

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Staying In by Meg Wagler

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Spread Kindness by Emily Her

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Stop Panic Buying by Andy Bourne

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Together We Will Win by Kleverson Mariano

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Stay Safe by Steve Reynders

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Wash Your Hands by Stella Nicodemou

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Together Apart by Megan Fatharly

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Bring Corona Nicht Zu Oma by Susann Greuel

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Stay Home by Jamie Bennett

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Stay Home by Hayrullah Yorgancı

Also a shout-out to Poster House Museum in NYC who have collaborated with a bunch of local designers and the City of New York to replace many of the  city’s advertising billboards with posters from the #CombatCovid exhibition. Here are a few of the stand-out designs:

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You can see all of the United Nations creative collection here.

You can view more about the Poster House exhibition here.

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