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ESPN Jordan Ad reminds us of the power of lateral thinking.

When was the last time your brand thinking came from left field? The say; ‘Necessity is the mother of all invention’, and for many brands things have never been more ‘necessary’ than they are now. Budgets are tight, consumer behavior is shifting, the world is…

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Is the new normal for business a once in a lifetime opportunity for brands to innovate?

Inspiring Brands Innovating for the New Reality. WFH is a Japanese start-up who’s brand name is an acronym for ‘Work From Home’. Their first product which we spotted on Kickstarter is a range of Jammies designed specifically for working from home. Brainchild of design agency;…

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Heinz Ketchup Puzzle – brilliant brand relevance

Branding Inspiration from Big Red. As so many people around the world become stir-crazy from self isolation, Heinz has come-up with with an inspired brand gesture. The Heinz Ketchup Puzzle has 570 pieces, each the exact same colour of Heinz’s tomato sauce. Heinz is giving…

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A Brand Chat with Geoff Quinlan, Racing Queensland CCO.

The one thing I’ve learned about branding is… be absolutely clear about your purpose. Over the years we’ve had the opportunity to work with a whole host of inspiring business founders and leaders. A learning for me was regardless of some similarities, they each had…

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