Is the new normal for business a once in a lifetime opportunity for brands to innovate?

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Inspiring Brands Innovating for the New Reality.

WFH is a Japanese start-up who’s brand name is an acronym for ‘Work From Home’. Their first product which we spotted on Kickstarter is a range of Jammies designed specifically for working from home. Brainchild of design agency; Whatever Inc. and in collaboration with Akihiko Kimura, the designer of the Japanese fashion brand LOKITHO, WFH Jammies provide a professional image for video meetings combined with comfort with a smart and whimsical apparel design solution.

In the words of WFH’s Kickstarter pitch;

Half business, half relaxation. We planned and produced new kind of jammies for remote workers “WFH (Work From Home) Jammies”.

As the COVID-19 rages around the world, many companies are encouraging people to work remotely from home, and video conferencing using such tools as Zoom, Skype, and others has become commonplace 👨‍💻👩‍💻 Remote work allows you to work in the comfort of your own home and jammies. However, it’s a little troublesome to have to change clothes only when you go on a video conference…

For everyone that shares this same concern, we’ve created a remote workers’ jammies, that looks formal on video, but loose & comfy outside the frame 👔.

This great concept reminds us that we are in a once-in-a-lifetime window for innovation where consumer behavior has shifted significantly. There are few categories unaffected by these consumer changes, providing opportunity for disruption and market share growth for those with the creativity and vision to spot them.

brand agency Melbourne

You can check the Kickstarter page here…

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Pics courtesy: Whatever Inc.

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