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Vale Milton Glaser – A True Design Icon

Designer of possibly one of the world’s most iconic brand marks, Milton Glaser died this week on his 91st birthday. In an industry that burns-out most of it’s brightest stars in years, Glaser’s creative career lasted decades as he inspired multiple generations of designers and…

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Heinz Unveils a Rebranding Masterpiece

Heinz Rebranding is a delicious blend of balance and skill. Whilst we rarely write about another agencies branding projects the recently released rebrand for Heinz by global brand agency; Jones Knowles Ritchie is an example of strategic brand design worth writing about. Rebranding for FMCG…

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Stunning New Yorker Cover pays tribute to the Black Lives Matter movement

Stunning New Yorker Cover demonstrates the powerful role design can play in social issues. Kadir Nelson’s recent cover image titled ‘Say Their Names’ depicts the murder of George Floyd embodying the history of violence inflicted upon black people in America. The image reminds us of…

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2020 Trends in Brand Identity Design

The power of understanding branding trends. As with all aspects of brand and marketing, consumers and businesses over time build firm associations between how a category of brands look and what that means for the way they associate the positioning of those businesses. As categories…

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Nike’s Bold Anti-Racism Stance Proves Problematic

A timely lesson for brands with a social conscience. Global sportswear brand, Nike recently took a public stance to condemn racism, seeking to tap into the social tinderbox inflaming North America and spreading around the world. Adapting their iconic tagline, Nike created a campaign around;…

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