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Why Branding is Best Left to the Experts

When Clients Design Their Own Logos… In my 30 years of running our branding agency, the one thing that hasn’t changed is business owners and marketers thinking brand design is so simple they can do it themselves. There’s a well worn truism; ‘A little learning…

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Cultural Misappropriation Remains a Minefield for Brands.

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t – A challenging brand management dilemma. Following-on from our recent article out the re-branding of the Washington Redskins NFL team in the US, this recent announcement (among many) about Mutual of Omaha, a Fortune 500 insurance and…

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BLM Movement Claims Redskins Scalp

Sporting team brands have an important role to play in evolving social equity. It’s not every day a National league team in the US re-brands. The brand value of the National franchises is so incredibly high, that re-naming and rebranding is almost unheard of. But…

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Apple’s WFH short film taps into the new normal.

A brandertainment masterclass from Apple. There have been few times if-any over the last few decades where life has been thrown on it’s head for much of the world as has been the case due to coronavirus. One of the most significant changes has been…

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Netflix shows how to build a brand with genuine compassion.

In branding, compassion is often seen as taboo. Compassion for customers and commercial optimization are typically considered to be diametrically opposed concepts, but Netflix has demonstrated how this doesn’t necessarily need to be the case. This month Netflix announced they would begin contacting inactive customers…

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