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Branding Lost In Translation

IKEA prove that even the branding experts occasionally stuff-up. They say to err is human, and the branding folks at IKEA Bahrain have given us a refreshing reminder of how true that really is. IKEA as a global brand has a reputation for being well…

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Blockbuster Leverage their Brand Nostalgia

Why Blockbuster’s Last Summer Sleepover is a Showstopping Brand Strategy. The Blockbuster brand is synonomous with others such as Kodak and Melways that were once an iconic part of life, but by missing a critical opportunity to shift with consumers and technology have become dinosaurs.…

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Truly Deeply designs Porsche’s Torque Magazine

We’re proud to share the latest edition of Porsche Centre Melbourne’s Torque Magazine. Designing, printing and distributing a 52pp magazine during a pandemic certainly presented some challenges, but Porsche fans were not left wanting this year. Despite our design, production and client service teams all…

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Is Apple’s protection of its brand unreasonable?

Have Apple overstepped the mark and caused more harm than good to their brand? Apple has files a notice of opposition with the US Trademark office, against a start-up trying to trademark a logo based-on a pear. The developers of Prepear, an app that helps…

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Qantas 747’s brilliant brand move

A fitting brand gesture. To mark the final Boeing 747 swansong for Australian airline Qantas, the pilot en route to drop the jet to storage at a boneyard in the Mojave Desert flew a flight path that sketched-out the airlines iconic brand mark of a…

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