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The Modern History of Sneakers Captured by Design.

What’s not to love? Poster Design meets Infographic Design meet Sneakerfreak Culture British Design House; Dorothy have created a Sneakerhead’s ode to Nike’s iconic Air Max and sneaker culture. The poster features a cut-away style illustration that captures the history of the modern sneaker. How…

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Pizza Hut’s Retro Rebrand with Purpose

Much More than Back to the Future Branding. Here at Truly Deeply we often talk about Branding being ‘Design with Purpose’ and Pizza Hut’s recent redesign of their take away pizza box packaging is a clever case in point. When we say ‘Design with Purpose’…

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Brand Design trends for 2021 and why you should follow them.

What are Brand Design trends and why is it important for businesses to leverage them? Tracking trends in brand design as we do has proven to be fascinating over the years. When a brands seek to connect with their audience and communicate their strategic positioning…

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Burger King’s Campaign for a Michelin Star

Burger King’s Clever Product Launch Brand Strategy. Burger King Belgium have launched a petition and accompanied ad campaign to get a Michelin Star for its new menu item; The Master Burger. In a bold and cheeky move, Burger King has penned an open letterĀ …

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