Burger King’s Campaign for a Michelin Star

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Burger King’s Clever Product Launch Brand Strategy.

Burger King Belgium have launched a Change.org petition and accompanied ad campaign to get a Michelin Star for its new menu item; The Master Burger. In a bold and cheeky move, Burger King has penned an open letter  addressed to the Michelin Guide inspectors presenting their case for inclusion in the next guide.

Burger King Belgium CEO Kevin Derycke writes; “All right, we happily concede that ‘star-rated’ and Burger King aren’t an obvious match at first sight. Fair enough, at our place you won’t get silver cutlery, a cotton satin tablecloth or a valet service at the front door. However, what you will find are paper napkins, since you will be eating with your fingers, a drive-through service to take away your favorite meals to wherever you like — in fact, on a cotton satin tablecloth with solid silver cutlery if that’s what you fancy — and yes, you will be served on a tray. And, proudly exhibited on this tray, you will discover the ultimate proof of our generosity: The Master Burger.”

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In the letter, Burger King asks Michelin to end “the tension that has been going on for 66 years,” a tongue-in-cheek reference to Burger King not being on the receiving end of a Michelin star since its opened its first restaurant in Miami in 1954.

In the restaurant game, launching new menu items is considered a necessary strategy to keep diners coming back for something new alongside their long-time favorites. Most chains like Burger King will launch multiple new menu items each year, so-much-so that developing campaigns to promote the new menu items and gain genuine cut through becomes a considerable challenge over time.

Which is why we take our hats-off to this clever promotion.

Burger King’s new Master Angus burger, which features bacon, mustard, fried onions, and a flame-grilled Angus beef patty is being positioned as a premium menu item, perfect for the link to Michelin.

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Like all brands on top of their game, Michelin’s response to the campaign took-up the challenge and responded with aplomb and plenty of their own brand sass. Their response was shared in a post shared by Burger King Belgium, suggesting that Michelin’s reviewers had already sampled the new product. “Who said you needed silver service?” Michelin responded. “Watch this space on November 1 to discover our next issue of the Michelin Guide for Belgium and Luxembourg, and find out if Burger King deserves a star!”

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Pics Courtesy Burger King Belgium and Burger King Asia

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