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The Best Alcohol Packaging Design for 2020

An inspiring selection of beer and spirits packaging to whet your design whistle. What a year it’s been. Never before have we needed the treasure the small delights in life to help get us through the dark days, weeks and months. Whether that be a…

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Recruitment firm brand ad leverages the 2020 US election.

The Brand Power of Leveraging Current Affairs. We promise this wont turn into a Festival Trump-bashing- although that could be kinda fun, but we spotted another clever ad looking to leverage off the world wide interest in the car crash that is American politics and…

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Swedish Bedding Brand Trumps US Election Ad Stakes.

Clever Brand Campaign Creative Cuts-through. Swedish mattress and bedding brand SOVA released a timely ad to leverage the currency of the US election. The very clever ad features a montage made from items of their bedding range that create a portrait of President Trump. Combining…

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Samsung ad mimics iconic Apple campaign.

Clever Campaign Leverage or Brand Positioning Balls-up? If as they say; “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”, Apple should be feeling pretty chuffed about this new campaign by Samsung for their Galaxy Z Fold 2. In this short clip a street artist is seen…

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