Truly Deeply creates Pronto, a unique vapor inhaler brand for the USA

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Brand naming, strategy, design, and packaging for an innovative range of vapor inhaler products from Rhinomed.

Pronto features a unique vapor inhaler that gently opens the nose and delivers a soothing blend of essential oils. There are two versions of the product, featuring different essential oil blends. Pronto Clear is designed to ease congestion and Pronto Sleep enhances sleep.

Made in Australia, the brand was originally designed for the US market. It is now available in most markets.

Short, strong, and memorable, the brand name ‘Pronto’ means ‘ready’. While the word is Italian, it’s also understood in many languages to convey how the product is a fast, powerful and easy solution. The individual products were then named ‘sleep’ and ‘clear’ to convey their different uses.

Building on Pronto’s key differentiators, the positioning and messaging highlight the product’s innovative technology, blend of essential oils, and key benefits. The core brand messages of ‘unique vapor inhaler’ and ‘naturally’ are combined with flexible messaging that can be tailored to highlight the unique benefits of each of the products in the range.

‘Clears a Stuffy Nose Naturally’. Pronto Clear is a unique vapor inhaler that gently opens the nose and delivers a blend of six pure essential oils traditionally known to help clear a stuffy nose naturally.

‘Sleep Better Naturally’. Pronto Sleep is a unique vapor inhaler that gently opens the nose and delivers a soothing blend of four pure essential oils traditionally known to help you relax and sleep better naturally.

The cornerstone of the brand identity is a simple wordmark that echoes the form of the pronto unit.

med tech brand

Both ‘O’s are reformed into triangular lozenges hinting at the shape of the Pronto container and also the clearing or resting medicinal benefits. This combines with a clean sophisticated visual language that highlights the key essential oils in each product and their benefits.

The brand is designed to use space and a balanced layout with a rich black background that expresses a sense of calm and well-being that promotes better sleep. In keeping with the brand architecture, two product versions of the brand were differentiated by colour to reflect the benefits and essential oils.

The Pronto range is available in major pharmacies in the USA and on Amazon.

Rhinomed is a global medical device company that creates wearable nasal technology. The company aims to radically improve the way people breathe, sleep, maintain health, diagnose diseases and take medication. Rhinomed’s products are used by millions of people globally.

See the full Pronto case study here.


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