Truly Deeply rebrands 357 Collins St to create a uniquely Melbourne precinct

Located in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, 357 Collins St is a prestigious office address that has been transformed into a vibrant new precinct.

Working closely with Frasers Property, their architects, and the property management team, we set out to redefine the experience of 357 Collins St.

The new brand leverages and connects two distinct place personalities. The corporate prestige and the eclectic laneway culture come together to celebrate a distinctive city precinct.

The new brand proposition for 357 Collins is built on appreciating every aspect.

Four brand pillars were established to hero the brand’s compelling differentiation and build a multi-faceted brand platform and tailored messaging to engage current and future tenants, retailers as well as visitors.

As part of the brand work, we explored the opportunity to change the name.

After stress testing different options, it was decided that equity in ‘357 Collins’ outweighed the potential opportunity for change.

However, we did decide to hero and take more ownership of the laneway name ‘Fulham Place’ as part of the brand architecture. What was previous a food court, has now become an extension of Fulham Place to create a seamless journey from Collins Street to Flinders Lane (and vice versa).

The new brand identity was created around a type mark that is both elegant and timeless. It literally illustrates the path between two worlds. The simplicity and flexibility of the brandmark allows it to work and ring true in both environments.

357 Collins type maps

The bespoke wordmark is both corporate and playful, to reflect the two faces of Melbourne. The wordmark and sophisticated colour palette creates smart and functional branded way-finding, with custom directional arrows and icons.

Along with visualisation and commissioning support for the laneway graffiti and internal artwork, the brand identity has the ability to move between the two worlds while reflecting each.

Inspired by the city’s unique fusion of business and passion for life, 357 Collins is a place where two distinct facades are beautifully entwined and celebrated.

Step out the front door to enjoy the city’s most prestigious retail and business neighbourhood or escape through the lower level to Fulham Place, a vibrant new laneway of indoor and outdoor eateries that connect to Flinders Lane.

See the full case study on 357 Collins here.

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  1. Seriously brilliant place branding design guys. I know how difficult it can be to work through all the challenges and restrictions of CBD place branding to end up with a result of this quality. Hats tipped to the team and the client!!

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