Art with Heart is our annual art exhibition where we raise money for a local charity through a blind auction of artworks by artists who volunteer their time and resources. Each year, more than 150 guests from the design community enjoy a night of education, impact and art with a clear aim to fund and support those who are selflessly doing wonderful things in the community.

Last year’s artists helped raise over $21,000 towards workshops for Tomorrow Man, which encourage boys and men to explore their experience of masculinity through talking openly and honestly with gravity. This year, we are supporting StartOut, a local health promotion charity providing regional outreach and mentorship programmes for young people of diverse sexuality and gender (DSG). Through funds raised, StartOut will be able to pay for the training of 100 additional mentors to support up to 300 vulnerable young people where there is need for its services is greatest, especially in regional and rural Australia.

Since Art with Heart began in 2002, Truly Deeply has raised nearly $360,000 for local charities.

Want to be involved?

Our artists range from well known to novice with many pieces emulating a contemporary Australian feel.

We welcome all mediums of art, from sculptures to photography, illustration, prints, paintings, etc. If you prefer canvas, we can supply you with 3 different sized canvasses: 35x35cm, 61x61cm, 100x100cm.

Theme for art: “True”
(Feel free to use this as inspiration for your artwork, or not).
Artwork deadline: Monday, 22nd October
Event date: Wed, 24 Oct. 6pm – 9pm
Location: 18 Market St, South Melbourne

If you’re interested in contributing, or want to arrange pick up of a canvas, please contact Alex at:

[email protected]