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Tata’s Zica brand name to be ditched due to Zika virus

Tata Motors rethinks brand name for new car on launch. Being associated with the horrible Zika virus could potentially kill the Zica brand before it gets going. Tata recognises the brand name Zica is no longer #Fantastico! But are they responding fast enough?

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How much should I pay for my Branding?

What should my branding cost? So you’re at start-up/running a growing business/recently merged/feeling the heat from new competition/just stepped into the big chair and you’ve got a sense that your branding isn’t working. No matter how clear-minded you are at leading your business, the task…

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Nine entertainment fixes their brand architecture to connect their channels

Nine strengthens their brand architecture to build a family of brands While ABC, SBS and Seven have built a series of channels that connect their brands, Nine like Ten, have built a series of independent TV brands. Nine are now admitting this wasn’t working and are…

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