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Make America Greta Again – A brilliant brand parody.

We love a good brand parody. OK, so I have to admit I’m a fan of brand piss-takes of any variety, but when they come to political branding parodies, my appreciation goes up-ten fold. When I first spotted the ‘Make America Great Again’ brand positioning…

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Inspiring branding – Apple’s latest TVC

More brand building mastery from Apple. Whenever I spot a new piece of inspiring branding from Apple I find myself vexed. As a consumer I’m enraptured, immediately engaged and continue to build-on the loyalty and enthusiasm I hold for the brand. As a writer of…

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10 ways to stay creative in chaotic times

We’re always looking for inspiration on creativity as I enjoyed this talk from author Austin Kleon, writer of Steal like an Artist and Show your Work. It forms the basis for his new book Keep Going. He talks about 10 ways to keeping moving forward,…

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