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Freshwater rebrand reflects a vibrant urban city precinct

Truly Deeply repositions commercial tower to create a new place brand in the heart of Melbourne’s Southbank. Working together with GPT and Frasers Property, Truly Deeply created a fresh and compelling new brand that stands out and connects with premium tenants in the highly competitive…

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Banksy shares his view on Brexit

A reminder of the power of visual language Banksy’s latest work located near the transit port of Dover in the UK is pure gold. Save

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Sensory brand differentiation

Custom Apple accessory maker 12 South has created a ‘New Mac Smell’ candle for this Christmas. While it’s got plenty of headlines for obvious reasons. For me it raises the question: What do sensory branding do you do? We’re all aware of brands that have…

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Building Loved Brands – A Presentation by Truly Deeply Founder; Dave Ansett

Truly Deeply founder; Dave Ansett talks place branding at the Greater Geelong and Bellarine Tourism Excellence Summit. In his conference presentation today, Dave will be presenting the 12 attributes of loved brands with a particular focus on building place brands. Presenting to a host of…

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Real and raw place brand storytelling evokes a city’s pride

An honest portrayal of a city’s grim and glory. Place branding is all about capturing the spirit and feel of a country, city or region in a way that alights the vivacity, tranquility, culture, vibrancy and lifestyle of that place in our eyes. The best…

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