How to Rebrand.

All brands are not born equal. Whether rebranding or creating a new brand from scratch, getting it right will be one of the most important business challenges you'll face.

Getting my rebranding right...

Whether choosing the right agency, engaging the right stakeholders, creating a human-centred brand, and setting your budget, knowing how to plan for a successful outcome is half the battle.

Getting your rebranding right

How do I choose the right agency?

When it comes to branding there are a multitude of agencies all claiming to have the answers. But as with every other partner in business, it pays to engage a specialist. Specialist brand agencies will always have a partner level, dedicated and experienced brand strategist and an approach that integrates brand thinking throughout the creative process. Click here to view a detailed approach to selecting the right branding agency for you.

What stakeholders should I engage?

The right answer for this question will be different for every organisation. However, as a principle, each organisation has a hierarchy of key decision makers and holders of wisdom and insight. Engaging those stakeholders along the branding journey is will not only influence a better outcome, but also smooth the path for the organisation to embrace the new brand.

How do I include my clients or customers in the process?

We often say, our role is to provide a customer or human centered perspective in the branding process. A genuinely human centered design methodology will provide for input from your clients or customers as part of the creative process. Our agile branding process is an example of best practice and we would be only to pleased to talk through how our approach works.

What should a rebranding process look like?

The branding process should have four phases: 01. Research and Insight – where we develop the context and understanding required as a platform for brand strategy. 02. Brand Strategy – when we develop the differentiated brand value proposition and layers of definition required to bring the brand to life every day in everything it does. 03. Brand Identity Design – an agile creative process for transforming the brand strategy into visual language that engages and communicates to your audiences. 04. Brand Activation – where the brand identity, brand voice and visual language is applied to all the most important touch points for your brand. Click here to view a more detailed breakdown of our branding approach.

How long does a rebranding process take?

There are a number of factors that will influence the time frame for your rebranding; decision making process (ie. requirement for Board sign-off), depth of research, whether ‘Naming’ is required, involvement of clients/customers feedback in the branding process, and breadth of activation required, to name a few. A full process can take as little as two months (when a deadline to launch is in place and the stars align) through to four or five months.

How much should I budget for my rebranding?

As with any business investment, the potential return for branding must justify the cost. Your rebranding project should be supported by a business case that includes an estimate of increased sales, margins and profits. The commercial benefit of the rebrand will then provide clarity on how much it makes sense to invest. For different businesses in different stages of maturity, this value equation will vary. Click here to view a more detailed breakdown of the costs associated with rebranding.

How do I avoid the most common rebranding mistakes?

Most mistakes come either as a result of selecting an agency who do not have specialist expertise in the field of branding, or embarking on the process with insufficient budget allowed, leading to a compromised approach. The right agency will guide you through a process that is tried and true, and also how to calculate the inherent business value of the rebrand to provide the business case and appropriate budget.

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Our clients are our most important fans

The team at Truly Deeply worked with us to really unlock the essence of our brand and quickly understood our vision for the business. We really enjoyed the collaborative experience and felt that they listed to our aspirations and pushed us to go even further than we could have imagined. Our biggest constraint was staffing. The rebrand played a critical role in unblocking that & simultaneously unlocking the potential of the business.

Damien james
Founder & CEO, Dimple Care

The research that was undertaken was very thorough and brought to the foreground the real ethos of the organisation and how it was different to others in the sector. The CEO loves the brand proposition so much he is getting it framed for his new office. Truly Deeply really understood who we are and the challenges we face. The roll out of the new brand and people’s reaction to it has been extremely positive.

Zoe Angeli
Fronditha Care

As a direct result of the TOM Organic brand repositioning and packaging range redesign we have been stocked by Woolworths supermarkets nationally.” It is still early days, but the resultant increase in market share and revenues, “will be of the magnitude of 1000% in six months – significantly impacting our whole business positively. Truly Deeply presented the perfect team balance and a deep understanding of not only the TOM visual design journey but also the strategic business pathway. It has been an outstanding and highly enjoyable experience. They have displayed superior authenticity and an impressive ability to engage with and reinterpret our brand to take it to unforeseen territories.

Aimee Marks
Founder TOM Organic

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