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Stand-out in the Crowded Cafe & Restaurant Market

For the first time in history there are now more food outlets in the Melbourne CBD than all other combined retail categories – a reflection of how competitive the hospitality market has become in every corner of the market. The strongest brands continue to attract customers, build connections and loyalty, whilst life for everyone else gets tougher. It is no-longer enough to have a good product, a good location and good customer service; these have become table stakes. The new driver of success for restaurants and cafes is brand – A differentiated consumer brand proposition, well expressed through brand identity (cafe logo or restaurant logo), store design, menu, uniforms, packaging, digital and social medias.

Our success with brands such as Spudbar and Etto has seen the launch and growth of multi-store concepts in recent years. The brand work we’ve created for these hospitality businesses has enabled them to stand out in the market, clearly communicate their differentiated offer, attract more customers, and build relationships leading to greater customer loyalty. All this adds-up to more brand awareness, more sales and a healthier bottom line.

Whether you’re opening a cafe, bar or restaurant or building an empire, come talk with us about how brand can ensure your hospitality enterprise has the best chance for success.
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Below is a taste of our hospitality brand work.

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