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3D Printing on Coffee – Brewing-up a rich, new branding opportunity

Israeli design studio and tech startup; SteamCC has created a 3D print application for creating the next level of coffee art, and in so-doing have created the opportunity for high level brand engagement customer experiences. The Ripple Maker combines 3D printing mechanics with ink-jet technology…

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Online retail brands that are working some magic

The Prey of a Sneaking Duck Shoes of Prey was founded by Michael Fox, Mike Knapp and Jodie Fox in Sydney in 2009. Love the name. Also love what they are doing with 3D printing.

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How 3D printing will change the world of branding.

3D printing has recently moved beyond infancy and is being used in various industries for more than just prototyping. Few people have a grasp of what this technology is capable of and its potential for revolutionising industries. Already 3D printing is utilising materials as diverse…

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