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The Apple Retail Model Continues to Boom

Apple continues to lead the pack of brand leaders Data published in Apple’s 2014 annual report and another report recently published by retail consultancy¬†eMarketer points to the ongoing dominance of the Apple Retail Store model. With the passing of Steve Jobs many commentators have been…

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A sneak peek at the Retail Design Philosophy that has made Apple the world's most successful retailer

The Retail Design Philosophy of Apple Purely on a sales per square meter basis (a measure I find pretty damn compelling) Apple is indisputably the greatest retailer in the world. In a branding article we wrote earlier this year for The Melbourne Review titled; ‘Walking…

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Retail Brand Loyalty. Have you got it?

Lately I have been thinking a lot about retail brand loyalty and what it means to brand owners, employees and retailers. Brand loyalty is a strange thing, you can’t hold it or visibly see it, but the value that should be placed on it, for…

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