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Biophilia creeps into graphic design

Biophilia Biophilia is humankind’s inherent connection to nature. It’s why crackling fires and crashing waves captivate us; why strolling through a park soothes us; and why shadow and light can affect our mood. Biophilia suggests that we have a need to connect with nature and that…

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Melbourne Design Ride, a rich brand expression from The Squeaky Wheel

The Squeaky wheel was established in 2011 to advocate for the integration of bike riding into Australian mainstream transport culture. They have set about achieving this by promoting bike riding as a way of engaging culturally with your surrounds, regardless of bike riding ability or…

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We Love a Unique Design Twist – Livraria ad Vila

Love architecture? Love interior design? Love bookshops? What about ones that have a truly unique design twist? Then check this bookshop out!

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Camper and the Art of Bold Brand Gestures

100% Barcelona Recently I spent a week in Barcelona attending a learning university with a few hundred of the worlds most exciting entrepreneurs. The event was held at a spectacular, but typical business-style hotel in the Port District. The day the event finished, I switched…

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Google Heaven

Ever wonder what your best working environment would look like? Would it include a slide, a games room, a ‘chill-out’ aquarium and plenty of free food, pool tables, posh lounges, massage areas and relaxing hammocks with a view. Meeting ‘pods’ in the style of Swiss…

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