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Asylum Seeker Attitude leaves Australian Brand Overboard

If you live in Australia you cannot have missed the harsh realities of the manic hardline approach the Government has adopted towards asylum seekers, attempting to reach Australian shores by boat. I will not attempt to summarise what has been occurring, but at every level…

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Australia's brand values held to ransom by our politicians

Australia’s international reputation has taken something of a beating in recent months. If we consider this reputation as our country’s brand, then we are ignoring the golden rule of branding: adhere to your values. Far from the fair, progressive and multicultural image that is at…

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Underdog brand archetype can work for PM Julia Gillard

There are many brands in the market place that know how to leverage the status of the underdog. They use the position to drive a more emotional connection with their target market. Harvard academic Anat Keinan co-authored a paper for Journal of Consumer Research, titled…

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