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Car brand names you’re probably mispronouncing

How to pronounce the world’s leading car brands correctly. From the French, Italians, Germans to the Japanese, many car brands are mispronounced. This can be caused by a misunderstanding of different languages, popular culture references or just bad brand management. Having worked with Porsche, we…

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100 years of brand differentiation – Audi stays ahead of the curve

“There’s no point in pushing forward if you’re always going the same way as everyone else”. This is a great line from a recent Audi ad which demonstrates the power of always putting yourself where your competitors aren’t and offering something different to your market. Audi…

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Audi Vs BMW – a Battle of Brand Association

All Brands Have Meaning Whether carefully and strategically considered or by default, all brands hold associated meanings in the market place. Well considered brands establish a competitive brand proposition (their brand strategy) with layers of meaning to both differentiate themselves from their competitors and to…

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