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Viral cinematic brand ad fails to convince.

Never make a brand promise you can’t keep. A three-year-old TVC has gone viral recently, as social media users have enthusiastically shared it as much for its beauty as for the disconnect between the ad and the brand it represents. The stunning film was made…

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Federer and Uniqlo, an unlikely new brand partnership?

Things were remarkably different at Wimbledon last week when Roger Federer stepped onto centre court for his first appearance of the tournament, surprising us all by wearing new sponsor Uniqlo. Swapping his signature RF brandmark and ‘swoosh’ for the Uniqlo red squares in a lucrative…

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Truly Deeply brands How Now; a truly different kind of milk

Truly Deeply is proud to introduce our brand strategy, identity and packaging work for How Now. An exciting new dairy brand, How Now not only stands up for cows, it stands out from the herd with a powerful purpose to provide kind milk products for…

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Vogel’s bread creates an emotive brand connection

This is an add to brighten your Monday morning, sure to make you smile and feel warm inside. Vogel’s celebrates diversity and uniqueness with an emotive and engaging TV commercial focussing on the real life stories of every day Kiwis. Goodman Fielder, with its creative partner…

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Surfer Mick Fanning's Sponsors Crash the Party – A Brand Engagement Killer

Keep your Brand Sponsorship to Yourself When Australian surfer Mick Fanning survived a dramatic shark attack at the J-Bay Open in South Africa recently, the world drew a collective sigh of relief. The caught on camera and beamed around the world, real-life narrow escape, and…

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Utilising brand design to reconnect milk consumers through authenticity

The Strongest Brands Connect With Authenticity Retail and online have combined to create an authenticity gap between consumer and product source. For most consumers, milk (like so many other things we consume) has become a product sourced from the shelves of supermarkets and differentiated by…

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