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Kellogg's hit the spot with humor, innovation and imagination

  Imagination + Invention = Brand Engagement that Snap, Crackle, Pops Global breakfast cereal brand; Kellogg’s has delivered a brand gesture worthy of their standing in the world market. So often the giant market leaders are the most lazy brand builders, taking a conservative, predictable…

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Airbnb's floating house – the latest in their campaign of surprise and delight

Airbnb recently launched a floating house on the River Thames to promote its lettings website to homeowners in the capital. The fast-growing internet brand is now the largest hospitality business in the world without owning a single room, but that hasn’t stopped them from building…

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ASP name change a total wipe-out or a brand boost?

  I briefly got the chance to meet Mick Fanning at the Ripcurl Pro just moments after the legendary ‘ringing of the bell’. At last, a selfie actually worth taking! A friend of mine pointed out that the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) has decided…

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NIKE fuelboxes exchange fuelband points for merchandise

  In the battle for deep and enduring relationships with clients and consumers some brands have a distinct advantage – An engagement mindset. There’s no doubt passion brands like Nike, Apple and Red Bull profit from the quality and depth of their consumer relationships. With…

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