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Brand Storytelling should evolve not stall

Wine brands are the masters of storytelling – reclaim it! Last weekend The Age newspaper ran an article by Ralph Kyte-Powell advocating that wineries are rediscovering the value of a great story and a name.

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Of Dogs, People and Brand Design

The Magnetic Warmth of a Strong Brand Proposition. I came across this pic today and it gave me pause to reflect on the nature of dogs, people and markets. We as customers are not too different from these lazy mutts sunning themselves on a Sunday…

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The Power of Premium for Private Label – A Peek at UK Retailer Marks & Spencer

Premium Private Label through Packaging Design Recently whilst exploring the retail landscape in Singapore I came across the Food Store found within a Marks & Spencer. I was immediately struck by the premium aesthetic from the mini bakery through the traditional food categories and into…

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A frog sitting like a person – What's not to love about the web?

Yes the web is a truly amazing resource of knowledge, opinion and commerce, but sometimes you just gotta go with the flow (check the clip after the jump…)

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Truly Deeply in the press – Fallout for the News Corporation brand tipped to be confined to Britain

Truly Deeply Director of Brand Strategy, Michael Hughes was quoted in the press this week regarding his views on the impact to the News Corp. brand of the current media hacking scandal in the UK. News Corporation’s brand is likely to be tarnished by the…

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Coke and the Power of Creating Brand Folklore

Brand Folklore and the Power of Brand Storytelling For many years we worked with one of Australia’s most loved food brands; King Island Dairy. King Island is a speck of land in the middle of Bass Strait between mainland Australia and Tasmania. Bass Strait is…

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