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HP is still undecided about their brandmark

HP has just unveiled a new logo for its premium range of ultra-thin laptops, the Spectre, but it isn’t actually new. The brandmark was originally unveiled in 2011 but HP backed-off implementing it. Designed by Moving Brands, the stylised, simplified marque is a sophisticated evolution…

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Regular price discounts simply devalue brands

Fashion retailers in Australia are simply devaluing their brands with a seemingly unrelenting reliance on price discounting. In Melbourne we have not yet officially hit winter but many of our fashion retailers are hitting the ‘sale’ panic button. In the past week I have had…

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Cigarette brands will continue to be creative!

There is nothing like the mother of necessity to inspire creativity. Cigarette brand owners are amongst the most creative brand owners on this planet because they have to be. They will never roll over and die (like many of their customers!), they will simply fight…

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