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Fitbit after sales builds positive brand differentiation and loyalty

How after sales contributes to brand reputation After sales is often non-existent, designed to minimise costs, or simply not a priority for many brands – but it should be. With more and more consumers reading reviews online before purchasing, after sales service is becoming an…

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Tactics for protecting brand reputation – A very real challenge for business

Managing brand reputation is becoming increasingly challenging A plumber in the US state of Texas is suing a car dealer for US$1m after a truck he traded-in appeared in a propaganda video from Syrian rebels in an attack on the city of Aleppo. When he…

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Genius Apple parody to get you thinking about your brand loyalty

The release of the new Apple Watch has seen countless parody videos emerge but one in particular has me questioning my brand loyalty.

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Keeping Promises Critical for Building Brand Engagement

The Strongest Brands Always Walk the Talk Brand is sometimes described as the promise made by an organisation to it’s clients and customers, a simplistic description, but one that strikes to the heart of how brands work. Whilst the most effective brands are complex, multi-layered,…

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Customer Loyalty – The Holy Grail for Brands

78% of consumers are not loyal to any particular brands – Ouch The last decade has seen a dramatic shift in customer loyalty leading to tough times for brand managers, marketers and owners. It’s never been tougher to make a quid from business, and it…

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The world of Brand Loyalty has changed and the numbers aren't pretty

The World of Brand Loyalty Has Changed Is there a more important metric for a brand’s effectiveness than loyalty? We define loyalty as simply ‘a strong feeling of support or allegiance’ and when applied to a brand that connection equates directly to increased purchase, longevity…

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