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Jones Lang LaSalle rebrands with the acronym ‘JLL’

Jones Lang LaSalle has joined the likes of PWC, KFC, NAB, BP and LG by shortening their brand name to ‘JLL’. While the brand was always a bit of a mouthful, the new acronym is still clunky and it doesn’t feel like a name that…

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Great Business Names Great for Business Brand Image – A list of 12 favorites

What’s in a Brand Name? The right brand name is timeless, is easy to say and remember, stands for something, and facilitates brand extensions. Its sound has rhythm. It looks great in text and in the brand mark. A well-chosen name is an essential brand…

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Nike cuts corners on naming and pays the price

Nike is no stranger to controversy surrounding the brand but this time, it is self-inflicted due to a lack of research. Launched to celebrate St Patricks Day, Nike’s ‘Black and Tan’ sneaker has been labelled insensitive and offensive. What should have been a clever brand…

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Brand Communication – What’s in a Name?

In our lives as brand identity and communications designers, brand naming is usually the part of the process that causes the greatest headache. Of the the brand property a business can own, their brand name is one of the most important, but also one of…

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