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The little house that said "Hello" – Is your brand space working as hard as it should?

How memorable and engaging is your brand space? On the weekend I came across this Melbourne house designed by architect Fooi-Ling Khoo of OOF! Architecture. I was struck by how refreshingly friendly and charismatic this previously bland brick wall had become, transformed by the power…

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A peek into the branded space of Skype's headquarters in Palo Alto

In these days of global business, a company’s ability to create brand spaces to inspire and reflect their culture creates a key platform for brand strategy alignment. And as a fast growing disruptor of their category, the global internet-based telco Skype understand how critical brand…

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A Peek Behind Apple's Retail Brand Experience

A Sneak Peek behind Apple’s Retail Brand Apple has long been held-up as the benchmark as the brand for innovation and just plain creating cool stuff, but much of it’s unheralded work has been in the experience arena – specifically creating amazing retail places in…

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