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Is your brand a market leading story teller?

When was the lat time you heard a really good story… from a brand? It’s part of the way we’re wired that we relate to stories with a level of engagement and emotion that is simply not attainable for functional messaging. And whilst all brands…

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Why story telling trumps data every time

A good brand story is worth a thousand data points. Science & education You-tuber; Veritasium looks at why a story is much better at influencing our decisions than hard data. For so many brand managers and brand owners the emphasis in their branding is focused…

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AAMI risk offending at least half the population with their latest brand campaign

The AAMI insurance brand has always been about the AAMI girl but has their latest campaign taken it too far? Moving on from Rhonda and Ketut, AAMI has launched their new big budget ‘not very insurancey’ brand campaign.

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Do marketers tell stories or do they deceive?

Seth Godin is a very highly regarded author in the business and marketing world. His well-known book, All Marketers Are Liars: The Underground Classic That Explains How Marketing Really Works — and Why Authenticity Is the Best Marketing of All often receives rave reviews. Even…

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The Stay Together Campaign injects genuine emotion into Skype’s communication

Earlier this year, Skype launched the Stay Together Campaign: an online call to action for real people to share their stories about how Skype lets them stay in contact. As is always the case with ‘real’ stories, the emotions runs high, even in the over…

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Aesop brand extension with personality

Aesop has teamed up with the french APC fashion brand to create an awesomely daring brand extension. Post Poo Drops! What appeared to many to be an April fools joke is an actual product, available from both APC and Aesop stores. As a continuation of…

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