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Microsoft (finally) enters the tablet fray – But do they have a brand mandate?

Too Little Too Late? As Microsoft enters the mobile hardware market with its first tablet, ‘surface’, my first thought is; ‘why are they here?’ At a glance there’s nothing wrong with their offer – it looks pretty cool (kind of like an iPad), the built-in…

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Truly Deeply rated 35 in the worlds top Branding Experts on Twitter

Just Out This review of the most influential branding experts on Twitter ranks us at 35. Not too scruffy when you look at the number of global branding agencies and branding publications in the running. Looks like our blog content is appreciated far and wide.…

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Truly Deeply in the press – Fallout for the News Corporation brand tipped to be confined to Britain

Truly Deeply Director of Brand Strategy, Michael Hughes was quoted in the press this week regarding his views on the impact to the News Corp. brand of the current media hacking scandal in the UK. News Corporation’s brand is likely to be tarnished by the…

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