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Easy Jet’s Look & Book, a Social Media Masterclass for Brands

The end of Instagram travel envy. The UK’s Easy Jet has launched a new booking app that takes their social media game to a new level. Look & Book is an app designed to turn Instagram travel inspiration into a reality. Look & Book identifies…

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KFC's Edible Coffee Cups – A Delicious Retail Innovation

Good Thinking + Good to Eat To celebrate its 50th anniversary, KFC plan to launch an innovative edible coffee cup into the UK market this summer. As coffee continues to be a staple add-on or usage occasion introduction for food retail, the ability to connect…

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The Risk of Extreme Brand Differentiation – Mini's European Brand Campaign Disaster

Has The battle for Brand Differentiation Gone Too Far? As brands and branders struggle to cut through the information-flooded lives of their customers, the search for new and different ways to connect with markets is becoming more and more extreme. Automotive brand Mini recently took…

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