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A sneak peek at a virtual reality fueled future for brands

Does virtual reality present the next big challenge for brands? Could life get any busier? We’re already bombarded by thousands of messages – brand/news/social every hour. Will the brave new world of hyper, virtual reality make our life simpler, or even more cluttered? The promise…

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Key Trends in Brand Identity Design for 2015

The Critical Role of Trends for Visual Identity Designers Each year Bill Gardener outlines what he sees as the key trends in brand identity design. As the founder of online logo site www.logolounge and the spin-off publications of logo collections, As do we, Bill spends…

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'The Future of Connected Life' – An invaluable report for brand owners from the people at PSFK

Brand Trends Are Not Created Equal One of the biggest drivers of change in the way we live our lives (digital connectivity) explored by one of the best groups of thinkers on the planet (PSFK). PSFKs ‘The Future of Connected Life’ report provides a guide…

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Influential Brand Trends – Enter the Clean Slate Brand

Why in the world of brands, heritage aint worth what it used to be. In the world of brands, consumer trends will over time create a tipping point, changing the way markets engage and respond. When this occurs, established brands see their market share eroding…

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