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The 5 levels of brand leadership – from Survival to Significance

Measuring your brand’s social standing Jeremy Waite (Head of Digital Strategy EMEA Marketing Cloud) in his book, ‘From Survival to Significance’ represents an interesting perspective on the way brands and consumers engage on social media. This is an area of brand management that is…

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Dark Mofo and David Walsh’s remarkable attempts to put Tassie on the map

For the last two weeks, the internet across all media has been abuzz with news out of Hobart as the Dark Mofo festival rolled out. A huge variety of events, performances, food, culture, art and a bunch of naked people combined to make Tasmania the…

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The Instagram Handbook for Brands

Instagram has just published a handbook to help brands inspire and connect with their audiences. The book explores how businesses effectively use Instagram to engage with their communities by bringing “their unique identities and values to life”.

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Instagram – Three years and 150 million users later

Instagram recently turned three years old. In that time, it has managed to amass over 150 million users. While Instagram doesn’t hold an audience the size of Facebook or Twitter (yet), it has established one of the most active and engaged audiences of any social…

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When Twitter is More Important Than Lunch

First published in National Times A Guest post by Melbourne-based writer James Schloeffel Picture this. You are the marketing executive for a large multinational stationery company; you come back from your lunch break and discover you’ve got 100 missed calls, 1000 unanswered emails and a…

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