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Doh – Simpsons Inspired Wine Packaging

Wine, or Mabe Not As amusing as the cartoon characters this wine is based upon, the premise for this product is inspired equally by Homer & Marge Simpson and the works of Pieter Mondrian. The packaging design follows suit and made me smile.

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Cinemagraphs – Creating Stunning Brand Theatre in the Digital World

The Hottest New Brand Communication Property It is the charter of all brands to discover the ‘extraordinary’ in order to stand-out from their market. When the channel provides restrictions – such as the digital world –  the challenge for brands becomes pointier still. New York…

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Brilliant Digital – Banksy's Art Comes to Life

Art imitates Life et. al Anyone who’s spent much time reading our blog knows we rate Banksy. Beyond his contemporary ‘street art platform’ we see him as one of the sharpest commentators on Western society and feel he taps into a rich undercurrent of unpopular…

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Brilliant Packaging Design for Poilu Paint Brushes

The Power of Creative Packaging Design For many products the impact at point of sale plays a disproportionate role in the success of their business. Whether a challenger brand looking to disrupt their category, or a small brand looking to get a disproportionate bang for…

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