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Dawn French the new face of Coles; brilliant or risky?

Over the weekend, Coles launched their much-hyped ‘flybuys’ campaign and introduced their new brand ambassador, Dawn French. This continues their strategy of using celebrities as the face of the brand. It has worked in the past, but is Dawn the right ambassador?

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The Truly Deeply 2010 Trend Report – The Visual Language of Brands

The Most Comprehensive Trend Report on the Visual Language of Brand Identity Trends in the visual language of brand identity are driven by many factors from the ‘me-too-ism’ of designers and their clients mimicking the visual language of market leaders, to new and emerging trends…

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Trend Report – The Visual Language of Brands (Chapter 6)

The Final Chapter in our Comprehensive Trend Report Over the last month we’ve published the first five chapters of our research report into trends in visual language. This Monday and we publish the final chapter of the report. In this week’s chapter we’re exploring trends…

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