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Business card design for doctors measures your heartbeat

Business card design is still an opportunity to make your brand identity stand-out. The challenge with business card design is creating a tool that stands out from the crowd whilst leaving the receiver with a memorable impression. The advent of email and email signatures have…

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The Humble Business Card re-imagined as Bold Brand Communication by Lego

Unbeatable Business Card Design When it comes to business card design, this one is pretty much unbeatable. Jorgen Vig Knudstorp, the 42-year old Chief Executive of Danish toymaker Lego has a business card in the shape of a 1.5 inch tall Lego man manufactured to…

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4 Tips on the Art of Business Card Design

I recently received my first ever, personalised business card due the launch of our exciting new agency brand for Truly Deeply. Up until this point I have been representing myself in meetings without a business card, believing my personality and designs skills would carry the…

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