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Casa Camper – Architectural Brand Communication

Every Gesture is an Opportunity to Create Meaningful Brand Communication I’ve previously written about my memorable brand experience staying at Casa Camper in Barcelona. This morning I received an email from my friends at Casa Camper and the picture of Casa Camper in Berlin caught…

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New Retail Theater – 7 of the World’s Best Store Designs

Welcome to the New Retail Era The world of retail is changing more rapidly than ever. On-line stores compete with off-line stores, fashion boutiques feature new ranges every month, and it seems almost everything can be made in China for next to nothing, creating undifferentiated…

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Camper and the Art of Bold Brand Gestures

100% Barcelona Recently I spent a week in Barcelona attending a learning university with a few hundred of the worlds most exciting entrepreneurs. The event was held at a spectacular, but typical business-style hotel in the Port District. The day the event finished, I switched…

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