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Playful branding design is not just for kids!

  The Children’s Toy Foundation invited Swedish studio Bedow to design a branded poster on the theme “play” for a fund raising project. Having ‘just’ survived the Christmas period, it is common for the stereotypical Aussie Christmas to be full of family, gift giving, shrimp…

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Libra and OCRF partner for Silver September

All this month, Libra are aligning their brand with the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation for Silver September. This is another great brand partnership for OCRF but also a great brand fit for Libra.

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Celebrities, Charities and Crowd-Sourcing

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck have been doing the Internet rounds, as they try to raise money for the East Congo Initiative and In a collaborative effort, the two celebrities offer the chance to hang out with them on a ‘best friend double date’,…

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