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Coles Radio – more brand stretch, more bad news for digital radio

If you’re a fan of Coles there is now another way to get down with the brand. The Coles brand stretch continues with the famous red finger now becoming a radio station. Following Chemist Warehouse’s lead, Coles has now secured digital frequencies in all capital…

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Chemist Warehouse radio remixed, finally

It has taken them a year, but it seems that Chemist Warehouse has finally seen the light and dropped the all 90s format and will target their programming towards their audience. Perhaps they can now finally deliver a brand-inspired radio station and a valuable brand…

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In the Press – Our fresh branding and packaging design for TOM Organic featured on BP&O

BP&O is a Branding, Packaging and Opinion blog led by British designer Richard Baird. What can we say – when it comes to brand and packaging design – these guys have exquisite taste. You can check the review of our brand and packaging design on…

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Has Chemist Warehouse got the Mix right?

In a bold move, Chemist Warehouse is moving beyond just advertising on radio to becoming a radio station brand. They are hoping this will be an innovative brand gesture to connect with their audience and drive sales. But have they done it right, or could…

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