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Harrods and Hermès; a clever brand gesture, a great brand partnership

We always love to share a great brand gesture, especially when it adds to the brand experience for the audience and creates a mutually beneficial brand partnership. Harrods of London and Hermès have developed a great brand gesture that unites two brands beautifully as well…

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Truly Deeply designs 'Inspired Gift Cards' – a new brand for gift giving

Today we proudly unveil our new brand identity design for Inspired Gift Cards. A new Australian online retailer, Inspired Gift Cards provides an innovative solution to the gift-giving headache, and is just in time for Christmas!

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Merry Christmas and The Santa Brand

Wishing you and yours a truly, deeply festive season from all of us. It is that time of the year when the age old question is asked by children all over the world, do you believe in Santa? Santa is an amazing brand in many…

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