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What are the top 5 critical proof points for brand engagement?

Not all brand experiences are born equal Which is why Pareto’s 80:20 rule needs to play-out in the way your business delivers on its brand promise every day. Every business has a number of brand touch points (functional interactions with your brand) from web site…

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KFC's Edible Coffee Cups – A Delicious Retail Innovation

Good Thinking + Good to Eat To celebrate its 50th anniversary, KFC plan to launch an innovative edible coffee cup into the UK market this summer. As coffee continues to be a staple add-on or usage occasion introduction for food retail, the ability to connect…

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Duracell's human touch bus shelter: clever experiential advertising

Today brands are investing heavily in digital media, hiring community managers to curate their social media content, developing cutting edge mobile apps, adapting their websites to be responsive and spending heavily on banner advertising and video content. One of the scariest briefs a creative agency…

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