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Cross-Cultural Meanings of Colour in Brand Design

Colour affects us physiologically and psychologically, consciously and subconsciously. Colour is used to shape and define our lives, our habits, our values and our feelings. The colours we choose to wear and to decorate our homes give others personal insight into our emotions and how…

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The Power of Colour – in Art & Brand Design

In life you often meet people who are passionate about what they do, but it is far more exciting to find someone who is completely obsessive. The beautifully colour sensitive installations of Swedish sculptor Michael Johansson are such an illustration. “I am fascinated walking around…

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The Sky is C Sharp – Colour and Brand Design

Little Red Riding Hood never wore red, she wore grey. Roses are light black, lemons are dark white; and Italy, Ireland, and France share the same flag. A glass of orange juice is a glass of grey juice. Blood and petrol look the same. I…

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