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How this Dutch company made €44.9m in sales without advertising.

Today’s guest article has been penned by the very smart people at eatbigfish. eatbigfish is a strategic brand consultancy with a single focus: challenger thinking and behavior. Founded by Adam Morgan after he wrote Eating the Big Fish – the book that popularised the term ‘challenger…

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Snickers campaign engages New Yorkers by identifying local urban design mistakes

  You make mistakes when you’re hungry Confectionery brand Snickers continues to build on their global brand communication platform of ‘Snickers Satisfies’ with this campaign from NYC. The Snickers consumer value proposition of being a hunger buster above and beyond a chocolate bar has translated…

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Iconic Australian confectionery brand Darrell Lea recovers under strong leadership

A Brand Story with a Delicious Ending Our friends at Grapevine have been working with local Confectionery maker Darrell Lea over the last two years as it’s new owners the Quinn family look to rebuild this once iconic Australian retail brand. The new brand strategy…

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