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The Art of Beautiful and Unique Brand Imagery

The Demise of Unique Brand Design Sadly these days unique and fresh brand identity design is the exception rather than the rule. As more brands seek to become global, the trend has been for the visual language of their brand images to become more and…

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The Brand Gap, When Ads & the Customer Don't Get Along

When advertising and the Customer Break-Up When it comes to brands, the old adage of the customer is always right is pretty much spot-on. Maybe it’d be more accurate to say the Customer is never wrong. With traditional ad campaigns no longer connecting with their…

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Owning a mark – When a bracket is worth fighting for?

If you can’t beat em’, why not try and join em? I flipped across this article from the weekends paper and found it quite interesting. Why? Because Casella Wines owners of wine label ‘Yellow Tail‘ has found it necessary to own the square bracket […]…

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Annual Report Design Intelligence.

Succinct Reports Impress Investors A study conducted by the University of Michigan has found that companies with hard to read annual reports have lower earnings tyhan companies with reports that are easier to read and understand. The market actually factors in to stock price what…

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