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Celebrities, Charities and Crowd-Sourcing

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck have been doing the Internet rounds, as they try to raise money for the East Congo Initiative and In a collaborative effort, the two celebrities offer the chance to hang out with them on a ‘best friend double date’,…

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Crowd Sourcing Big Lessons

  Earlier in the year we wrote about the new collaborative spirit playing out in the world of brands, including crowd funding by entrepreneurial individuals and enterprises. Recently in rural Australia we have witnessed a new frontier for such activities in the form of crowd…

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Bacardi turns Facebook ‘likes’ into real-world events

Like it Live, Like it Together Brand experiences. At the risk of writing incessantly about alcohol brands and reinforcing negative stereotypes about (slightly) long in the tooth designers, I cam across this integrated brand/marketing campaign by Bacardi recently that I thought was pretty smart. Crowd-sourcing…

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