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31 New Killer Custom Typefaces

Custom font design a branding hero. Over the years we’ve published several collections of our favorite customer designed fonts. Our collections skirt the weird and wonderful, celebrating those who push the envelope of typography. And whilst I love the creativity of this brand design work,…

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Highlights from the 36 Days of Type global design project

Inspiring Type Design – A Rich and Valuable Brand Identity Asset During 36 days of restless creativity, creatives were challenged to design a letter or number each day. The result is a graphic demonstration of how broadly and distinctly we can communicate the letters and…

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Our new list of the 21 Best Custom Designed Typefaces

Creating Memorable Brand Design As a creator of brands I’m regularly being asked how to create the most effective brand identity or corporate image. Whilst there’s no simple answer, an invaluable elements is developing ‘Unique Visual Properties’that your brand can own. Unique visual properties are…

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